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The FSKAA WEBSITE WILL BE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE (FROM 18 JULY 2023) AS IT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION WITH A MIGRATION PROCESS ENVISAGED TO TAKE UP TO OCTOBER 2023. The WEBSITE WILL BE COMPLETELY REVAMPED THROUGH THE CHIPED PROJECT. Currently we are working on THIS part-funded PROJECT by Arts Council Malta. The process of digitization was launched in 2017 with the compilation of the Community Interpretation Centre: Development and Planning Brief (April 2017). The immediate priority was to enhance and collate all the data on the assets, define the various collections and record in a digital approved protocol all the heritage assets. CURRENTLY IN THE SECOND AND THIRD PHASES work has covered significant ground enhancing the system and transferring to visualisation. Another section OF THE COLLECTION has been digitized. CHIPED will ensure and secure a platform for an integrated digitization process and as a first stage but also guarantees access for a fuller experience through the portal.

Dr Malcolm Borg Project Manager f/ FSKAA